Hello, fellow rock addicts !

Do you ever feel like a hungry pastry bag drifting through the wind?  – The Gourgandines

We sure do ! But first things first : let us introduce ourselves.


We are Audrey & Mia aka The Gourgandines. Two gorgeous, incredibly gracious, smart, talented and humble girls from Bordeaux, France. Which makes it the World’s greatest city. 🕶 After London, New York, LA, Barcelona, Detroit and a bunch of others of course.

We’ve known each other for much too long. After ten years of tumultuous friendship, only two things kept us from punching ourselves in the face real hard  : rock music and food.

Yes, we love cooking. Yes, we love indie rock. Yes, we love to spend way too much time and money on gigs, having a blast and then being depressed for days when it’s over. In those times of great darkness, our only hope lies in flour, sugar and food coloring. And then we’d start all over again of course.


Frankly, we have no idea.

One day, we had a terrific idea : why not mix our two passions ? Eat it and See was born.

We hope you’ll love hanging around here as much as we do : enjoy our crazy recipes, our musical chronics, our trips around the world. Our plan is simple : 1 artist / album / song = 1 recipe. And, boy, we have so many ideas to show you…

Do you love colorful, healthy and tasty cooking ? Do you adore sarcastic hashtags ? Do you worship unicorns ? And last but not least, do you live for indie rock ? You’ll love Eat It And See.

In other words : Welcome ! Willkommen ! Bienvenue ! Välkommen (Ja, välkommen, you gorgeous blonde and hungry hunk… 😊) !

2 Responses
  • Ben (@humblybaked)
    October 12, 2017

    You two are might just be the coolest, most interesting duo I’ve come across. Thanks for sharing your brilliant combo of food and music.

    • admin2396
      October 15, 2017

      Hi Ben! Thank you so much for your kind words, it means the world to us!!! Glad to see you have good taste 😉 There will be more recipes coming soon,stay tuned and keep baking & rocking!

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