Bake a Version 2.0 cake for Garbage

Once upon a time, two teenage girls, scrunchies and braces on, turned their brand new cathode screen on and discovered something very special on MTV.

That very special thing was Garbage, a band that would change the face of alternative rock forever. Today, we’re not teenagers anymore, but the exquisite feeling of that discovery remains : the perfect mix of dark pop, rock and electronic music’ influences, the intoxicating riffs, the fiery lyrics, both intimate and oh so universal, and Shirley Manson’s magnetic presence. God! We spent our entire high school years with “Push it” in our heads and never got tired of it!

This year, we finally got to see that kick-ass band live and totally adored their performance. After the show, while eating some very comforting french fries to appease our already blooming post gig depression, we started talking about a possible Garbage dessert and lots of ideas popped in the conversation. Of course, baking a cake for Garbage had been on our minds for decades but the show really was a trigger!

We first thought of baking a series of mini-cakes, one for each album, and presenting them all at the same time. But, after several tests, we realized one of them really stood up: the Version 2.0 cake. Which happens to be our favorite Garbage album. But we’ll talk about that obsession in another blog post. 😜

Garbage Cake Version 2.0

To honour the legendary orange artwork, we imagined this cute four-tiled entremets, glowy as hell! To convey the sweet and sour world of Shirley Manson, we filled this treat with homemade ladyfingers, lots of vanilla cream and a very special apricot-turmeric heart.

Garbage Cake Version 2.0 slice cut open

Here’s our Version 2.0 cake, guys! Doesn’t it look… so fine? 😊


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