Theo Lawrence makes a damn good lemonade

Powerful, slightly bitter, deliciously 60s yet exquisitely modern, and what a voice! Theo Lawrence & The Hearts stole our souls at Climax Festival. When we heard the band’s new LP was out, we immediately rushed to our nearest and dearest vinyl dealer and grabbed a copy of their “Homemade Lemonade”!

Here’s our thoughts about the album.

Who are Theo Lawrence and The Hearts ?

Straight from Nashville… umh well, we mean Gentilly in France, Theo Lawrence (singer and guitar), Thibault Lecoq (drums), Olivier Viscat (bass), Nevil Bernard (keyboards) and Louis Marin Renaud (guitar) are the new fantastic five in the soul and americana business. This young band is inspired by major blues and rock precursors like Tommy Johnson, Howlin’Wolf and Bo Diddley.

But let’s talk about the band’s main advantage: Theo Lawrence’s voice. Theo Lawrence’s voice is amazing. Theo Lawrence’s voice should have a freaking statue next to the Tour Eiffel! We mean it, guys, Theo Lawrence’s voice is a gift from the Blues God itself: smooth, ageless… Absolute Perfection. The guy sounds like Lionel Richie and Elvis himself had a son together… How is that even possible?! Praise the Blues God!

Is there some more Homemade Lemonade?

The album itself, Homemade Lemonade, is a pure blues wonder, full of vintage inspirations. From the gospel vibes in “Who was I”, the lustful ballads like the marvelous opening “Heaven to me”, the very catchy “House but not a Home” or the groovy “Sucker For Love”, there’s nothing that band can’t do. And though there’s a great variety of genres explored, everything matches perfectly and we just want to play this beauty over and over again. This lemonade is just the refreshing beverage we just needed!

With his vintage vibes and rock n’roll stamina, Theo Lawrence & The Hearts first album will definitely make you thirsty for more. When life gives you lemons… 🍋

Theo Lawrence and The Hearts Homemade Lemonade vinyl

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