The Vaccines “Combat Sports” Brownie

Baby, it’s freaking cold outside, you and your blankets are considering marriage, your head is still spinning from all the eggnog you had. You’ve barely recovered from holiday season and you’re feverishly waiting to attend your 1st gig of the year. We know, we’ve been there. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ In those hard times, is there something more comforting than turning to some high power guitar tune? Then pick The Vaccines.

Since their dazzling success with their 1st album “What did you expect from The Vaccines” in 2011, the english indie rockers have always been on our playlists, following our moods, their sharp riffs being an excellent remedy against morosity. And blasting “I can’t Quit” in the car surely helped save our colleagues and relatives from some – um – “good mood” outbursts.😬 Not to mention their other bangers: “Post-Breakup Sex”, “Put it on a t-shirt”, “Tiger Blood”, “Want you so bad”… The list is endless: these guys sure know how to do good music!

We first saw The Vaccines this year in Oxford and we expected quite a lot from this first time. And, honestly, we got so much more! 🤩 The show was intense: the crowd went wild and sweaty, and so did the band…in seconds! Every single person in the room was screaming frantically the lyrics, and the guys delivered nothing but bangers, with amazing generosity, impeccable sound, and a visible delight. It was one of the most energetic set we’ve seen in our lives. And we’re Hives fans, damn it! We sure know what an energetic set is! We’ll sure share more about this gig in a dedicated article.

That band deserved some cake. So, we imagined these comfort fudgy brownies, topped with marshmallow and candied orange peels. When life feels like combat sports, this cake will help you get through any rough patch. Guaranteed.


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