Office Politics never sounded so good

Vintage rockstar, charming poet, quirky dandy, irreverent hip hop artist, defeater of moogs, we just love Neil F***ing Hannon from The Divine Comedy! We dare you to click on this video and not instantly fall under his spell.


The man is also an incredible performer, the kind you must see at least one in your lives! We can hardly believe we discovered The Divine Comedy live only two years ago. On this day we made the oath not to miss them when they’re around. Imagine our level of excitement when they announced they would play our hometown for their Office Politics tour!

The evening started in the best possible way with Man and The Echo, who did wonders sporting their brightest Euro-friendly outfits for the occasion. Straight from Warrington, UK these four lads make some damn good indie rocking, full of sixties vibes. The kind of band we’d love to see blossom so please listen to them and show the love they deserve!

Man and The Echo

Things took an unexpectedly scary turn when the technicians started to install the setup for the main act. Phones. Desks. Computers. The frightening Open Space monster awakening some not so old traumas.

The Divine Comedy Neil Hannon on his knees mic on his head
Our mood after seeing the office-looking stage

What felt like hours of heavy breathing later, our savior entered the stage Rock ‘N Roll style, eyeglasses on and burst into a frenetic Europop. Who could possibly resist this dancing anthem? We instantly forgot about our latent office anxiety to fully enjoy the impeccable set.

Indie disco, soul vibes, hip hop Kanye style, Kraftwerk synths, melancholic ballads, these awesome managers threw the best office party in the most stylish way -party hats included- with their irresistible class and sense of humour.

This seminary was so good it would almost make us miss the office. Almost. 

The Divine Comedy Neil Hannon close up

The divine setlist :


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