Spook your guests with this amazing The Cure Halloween cakes

“I hear her voice calling my name
The sound is deep in the dark
I hear her voice and start to run
Into the trees…”🌳🌳🌳

Halloween is finally here, witches! 🎃

This year, we wanted to make something really special and that’s why we got all of you involved in the choice of our new Halloween baby. A big vote took place on Facebook and Instagram to chose the perfect band for the perfect Halloween frightful treat. Boy, there were amazing propositions: Alice Cooper, Placebo, Halestorm, Lady Gaga, The Cure, Smashing Pumpkins… Everyone voted and though we anticipated a tie between Placebo and The Cure, the latest won, by one vote!

Our bakers’ coven worked really hard this month to make your worst nightmare come true: a Halloween Cake for The Cure!

The struggle was real for this one: we had so many ideas! We hesitated a lot between paying an hommage to a song, an album… Robert Smith himself was such an inspiring figure, with his messy hair, makeup and unforgettable presence. A lot of testing was done, some great, some totally craycray. We nearly painted our walls with some homemade black cotton candy… 🙈 Though delicious, we finally gave up this idea. But no worries, we’ll keep it in minds for future desserts…

A few days before the deadline, around midnight, we suddendly realized the cake we were imagining was in fact… TWO CAKES!

The Cure Lullaby in A Forest Halloween cake

So we rolled up our sleeves and celebrated The Cure twice. Yasss, ladies and gentlemen: twin cakes! The first one is gothic, romantic and gently spooky. The second one is… er… radioactive, bizarre and will probably be illegal in several countries.

The Cure Cake Good Twin: A Forest

The Cure Lullaby in A Forest Halloween cake overview
The Cure Lullaby in A Forest Halloween cake topper chocolate Robert Smith trees and spider web on ganache

“A Forest” is one of our top The Cure’s song – and, for the curious ones, one of the rare videos where you can see Robert Smith without makeup.

Robert Smith with no makeup on. Surprising, isn’t it?

When the challenge was set, we immediately thought of cakifying this song. The gloomy atmosphere was just perfect for Halloween. We tried our best to capture its essence, the loneliness and anxiety -we have a Phd in both topics- of the lyrics and imagined these crooked chocolate trees. Aren’t they gorgeous?

This beauty of a cake is made of a delicious chocolate genoise, filled with a black chocolate ganache and the best homemade berry jam ever. 🤤 We also added Marshmallow spiderwebs to add a bonus “Lullaby” feel. After all, the Spiderman is never far away…

The Cure Cake Evil Twin: Franken Robert Smith

The Cure Franken Robert Smith Halloween cake with pumpkin

The time has come to show one of our goofiest creations to the world! But first, let’s put ourselves in the right mood:

It was a rainy Friday night. 🌙 Robert Smith was combing his hair with his new Schwarzkopf lotion when he got this weird message inviting him on a midnight date… somewhere in the woods nearby. Robert loves Friday Blind Dates! So he rushed into the forest to meet his future loved one… and got lost. Luckily, he found this strange castle, owned by Dr F.Kenstein and knocked on the door to ask for help. But something horribly wrong happened…

The Cure Franken Robert Smith Halloween cake close up
The Cure Franken Robert Smith Halloween cake with slice

Shiver! For our FrankenRobert creature -aka “BOYS DO CRY WHEN THEY GET LOST IN A FREAKIN’ FOREST IN BETWEEN DAYS”- is alive! We got the idea of this cake while looking feverishly at Robert Smith photos, trying to get the right look on his face. Turns out, nothing worked as perfectly as this chibi head. We let you image how much we laughed everytime we opened the fridge. But let’s talk about the tastes. On the menu of this evilicious cake, we imagined a matcha genoise – for the zombie look, and filled it with some intense coconut cream and an exquisite very berry jam. 

We hope you’ll enjoy these two cakes as much as we enjoyed baking them.

Happy Halloween everyone and God saves The Cure!

…oh, and don’t forget to check out the Halloween cake we made in 2018 and 2017. 😈 


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