The Rolling Stones rock The Amsterdam Arena

Seeing the Rolling Stones live is the Holy Grail for every rock junkie and we were no exception. For years and years, we got really, really unlucky and couldn’t get the golden ticket. Until one day, the Amsterdam Arena let additional tickets go for the No Filter Tour ! Thank you, Amsterdam Arena!

The Rolling Stones Amsterdam 2017 happy Gourgandines

So we packed our bags and took a flight to Cannabis City Amsterdam, ready to see Mick, Keith and their friends! As we got near, watching an ocean of fans ready to flood the venue, we couldn’t help but wonder: what if the band wasn’t as good as before? What if the show was too big, too commercial to be enjoyed? What if our expectations were too high?

Here come the Rolling Stones

We entered the gigantic arena very tensed… That was until the band’s waiting playlist got to our hears. First song: The Hives! We felt right at home. 🤣 And then, after a few more songs, Mick Jagger entered the stage, took his mic and said “Please allow me to introduce myself”. And we completely fell apart.

The Rolling Stones Amsterdam 2017

It took us three long songs to overcome the shock and understand the real, actual Rolling Stones were right in front of us. Mick Jagger was dancing like a freaking teenager, his voice as clear as ever. Keith was smiling to the audience, and playing the blues with some incredible maestria. Ronnie Wood was electric, running and jumping all over the stage. Charlie Watts was, as usual, really calm and his drumming was impeccable, precise. They were accompanied by the amazing Sasha Allen, whose vocals gave us goosebumps, especially during “Gimme Shelter”.

The Rolling Stones Amsterdam 2017

The Setlist

The band did a fantastic show, mixing bangers like “Start Me Up”, “Paint it Black”, “Jumping Jack Flash”, “Miss You” with blues classics like “Ride’em on Down” and “Just your Fool”. During two songs, Mick disappeared, letting Keith take the lead. He beautifully sang “Happy” and “Slipping Away”. The show ended with an epic “Satisfaction”, that stayed in our heads for days.

Here’s the complete setlist of this great night:

Sympathy for the Devil

It’s Only Rock n’ Roll

Tumbling Dice

Just your Fool

Ride’em on down

You got me Rockin’on

Shine a Light

You can’t always get what you want

Paint it Black

Honky Tonk Women


Slipping Away

Miss You

Midnight Rambler

Street Fighting Man

Start me Up

Brown Sugar

Jumpin’ Jack Flash


Gimme Shelter


After all these years, these guys still got it and rock like no one else. So if they come nearby, don’t you miss them. And if you do, check the venues for additional tickets. You never know when you might get lucky! 😉


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