The Libertines at Conexión Festival Valladolid

Every relationship has its ups and downs. Friendship is no exception. Knowing each other for more than 10 years, we’ve certainly been through some really heated arguments over important issues like Brian Molko’s latest haircut or whether we should use cashew nuts or not in our carrot cake recipe.

Anyway, one day when our playlist randomly started playing Can’t Stand Me Now, it became obvious : this song had to become our official anthem. Can’t take me anywhere? Sure. I’ll take you to Spain. Like right f*****g now. 

Ballad of The Gourgandines

Last Friday night, we realised something horrible : you can actually replace butter with zucchini in a chocolate cake and never know the difference. That being said, this wasn’t the most horrible part. The most horrible was checking our calendar and realizing we hadn’t seen the Libertines for more than two years.

Action was needed at once. So, we put our masks and capes on, took the keys of The Gourgandine-Mobile and went on a road trip, straight to Valladolid, where we attended the Conexión Festival. What’s a six hours drive when you can see british rockers and eat tapas under the spanish sun, huh ? The Libertines were to blow our minds at midnight. We were expecting bad opening acts. Instead we discovered some pretty kickass band from the region : thank you Carlos Sadness and Corizonas, for making us dancing our ass off during 2 hours !

Finally, Carl, Pete, Gary and John entered the stage. And the rest is history…

The show in numbers…

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And now for the good stuff : feast your eyes with this crazy hot photo gallery.


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