So we baked a Redondo Beach cake for Patti Smith

This is the Redondo Beach, a cake made for an artist that’s very dear to us. Patti Smith is a formidable woman, a unique soul who knows no boundaries.

Patti is a poetess, a composer, a writer, a paintor. She also is a precursor in punk rock music and a true inspiration for many. And she taught us there’s nothing we can’t do. Patti Smith cannot watch an artist without wanting to create a work of her own. Reading her books and listening to her songs, we realized we felt just the same. So we will bake, write, sing, paint, dance, knit, carve if we ever feel the need to. And we had to do something to thank her for that liberation.

As we were to see Patti at Festival Musicalarue, we listened a lot of her music lately. We played on repeat one of our all time favorite: Redondo Beach. Suddendly felt the urge to create this tornado of a cake. We wanted to capture the essence of the song by recreating its anxious atmosphere on a beach cake, decorated with tormented waves.

We imagined a moist rhum genoise with apples poached in a delicate hibiscus&mulberry infusion. Then, we added generous amounts of mascarpone whipped cream and a little white chocolate. It took several cakes for our dream cake to actually take shape. The chocolate waves were really a tricky part of this creation. But here it is: dear Patti, this beauty is for you.

And for all of you, remember: always let your inner waves take you to distant shores. You never know which beach will suit you most. Or which one will be your last.


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