Queens of the Stone Age “Villains” Cupcakes

Just come and eat them all, like the way you used to do…. – The Gourgandines

Imagine a perfect place. A place where all the greatest alternative rock bands could gather in front of thousands eyes, to accomplish wonders. A world where decibels would punch your eardrums so hard you’d go deaf, where beer could flow endlessly, and where you could wear those dodgy looking plastic flowers you picked at your grandmas party right on your head at last. Well, my good kings and queens, such a place exists. And its name is Finsbury Park.

Ain’t no party like a QOTSA party

On Saturday 30th of this month, Finsbury Park is gonna be the center of the world. Why, may you ask ? Because Josh Homme, husband of our beloved Brody Dalle, has invited the Queens of the Stone Age and all their friends to party. Rumour has it Mr Pop is gonna be there. Some intense swedish dudes too. Miles RSVped. And the only true Queen B too.

The Gourgandines had to be there.

So, tomorrow at 4AM, we will take our suitcases and go straight to London for a night to remember. But we can’t live you like that. So, here’s a special treat to help you wait for our return. Straight from our arizona dreams, these spicy red velvet will make you scream and stomp your feet to death.

Enjoy the ride.


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