Are MNNQNS the new Strokes ?

mnnqns gig

Stop what you’re doing right NOW. We’re in love.😍 And we have to tell you all about it. Have you heard about MNNQNS ? Well, you sure will in a few months when their first record will be out !

Who the hell are MMNQNS ?

Four young guys from Rouen, France with some serious badass rock going on. Judge for yourself.

How did this happen ? A few years ago, Adrian was visiting Cardiff, going to gigs almost every night. One day, the inevitable happened : he decided to start a band. But unlike 99,9% of the population, Adrian was actually gifted. And he was good. Like really, really good. 12 band members later, MNNQNS (pronounce “Mannequins”) were ready to take out the world.

Punk is coming to town

We caught the MNNQNS’s virus a few month ago in Caen, when we saw them open for Franz Ferdinand. Felt like being punched in the face! They got the audience screaming and jumping in no time and that night we really felt like being treated with 2 great performances, how unusual is that, right?

When we heard they were coming in our hometown, we took our tickets right away. And boy, were we right! The magic happened again : MNNQNS totally overshadowed Dewolff (although the Dutch band was really excellent). We had no choice but to go and congratulate them at the end of the show, leaving them with the promise MNNQNS will soon be a cake. But that’s another story

Seven reasons why we love MNNQNS

For now, to endure the long awaiting for their first record (due Spring 2019), here are seven reasons why you have to listen to MNNQNS. Right fu**** now.

  1. They’ve got the skills : MNNQNS are impressive musicians. Sadly, that’s not the case in every band we saw. Big up for the drum and bass. (OK we might be having issues with drum and bass in general #myheartbelongstotherhythmsection).
  2. All their songs are bangers : one hour of set, and every song was a hit. Sharp riffs, tons of musical references, brillant composition, MNNQNS delivered an impeccable performance.
  3. They’ve got the attitude : Punk is not dead, guys. Not with Adrian and his band taking care of it.
  4. They were born to own the stage :  We were seriously disappointed by our beloved Arctic Monkeys performance a month ago and we have to admit we enjoyed MNNQNS a hundred times more : wtf ?! Honestly, how is it even possible to be so young and so accomplished yet ?
  5. They’ve got the hairstyle.
  6. They’re the Strokes true heirs. Listen to their songs and you’ll be immediately convinced. The Force is strong in this guys. And see point n°5 about the hair.
  7. They can mix punk, rock, pop and metal. In the same song. With a System of A Down-like maestria. Respect, mates.

Keep your eyes peeled, these guys are gonna be HUGE. In the meantime, you can always listen to a few songs on their Spotify or on Soundcloud :


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