Tea Time : Eat madeleines with… Jane Birkin

This is the story of… us, last Thursday, when we were really excited ’bout seeing Rufus Wainwright because :
A) Rufus! Fucking! Wainwright!
B) Jane Birkin was his special guest 😍

Until… A few songs into the set, Rufus Wainwright announced Jane had a cold and couldn’t be with us. We were disappointed for a good 30 seconds until Rufus engaged into a breathtaking version of Gainsbourg’s “La Chanson de Prévert”.🖤

It reminded us how much we loved Gainsbourg and her muse, Jane, who haunted our childhood with her soft, unforgettable high pitched voice and endearing British accent. Everytime we hear this iconic couple, it’s like an instant memory trigger for us, our “Madeleine de Proust” so the choice for our cake creation of the month was quite obvious : a French classic highlighted by a subtle British touch with traditional Earl Grey, et voilà!🍾

Of course it felt almost too easy so we decided to go vegan this time. Are we vegan? No. Are we keeping an open mind about different ways of baking? Certainly. Have we been handling so much butter and sugar for our training recently that for once it was nice to go more natural? Definitely.

Who wants a little madeleine and a nice hot beverage ?


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