Kutxa Kultur Festival is a must-go

Well, well, well… Asses were kicked and minds were blown at the Festival Kutxa Kultur, in Donostia! The fact is, we didn’t plan to go to Spain but we ended up needing our black and white Hives fix. Plus, Pintxos Calling! How could we possibly resist? 😏

This comedy is Divine!

Waiting for our beloved swedish headliners to come, we had the opportunity of watching the great Divine Comedy perform. This irish chamber pop band, formed in the late eighties, is from Northern Ireland.

The front man, Neil Hannon, the only constant member in the band is one funny, charismatic man! We absolutely loved his witty remarks and theatrical manners. The music was really peaceful and beautiful, the lyrics poetic and smart. We had huge crushes on the songs “The National Express” and “Sweden”. The Divine Comedy have the amazing power to make your imagination flourish and your heart travel. You absolutely have to see them live one day! Thanks for the discovery, Kutxa Kultur!

The Hives at Kutxa Kultur: más y más y más!

The Hives San Sebastian Kutxa Kultur 2017 Chris Dangerous and Nicholaus Almqvist

The Hives entered the stage with their awesome monochrome outfits and… orange instruments?! Seems like their official gear was missing but nevermind! Who needs monochrome gear when you’ve got this:

As always the show was a real energy bomb and the Hives were epic, each member having the ability to set the fire on stage in his own way. We had the pleasure of witnessing an incredible Chris Dangerous drum solo, and the band played his more addictive classic songs – “Tick Tick Boom”, “Hate to Say I Told You So”, “Die, All Right”, “Main Offender”- with other bangers like “Hey Little World”, “My Time is Coming”, “Try it Again” and “Bigger Hole To Fill”.

Here’s the setlist for this explosive night:

The Hives Kutxa Kultur 2017 setlist
The Hives San Sebastian Kutxa Kultur 2017 with two ninjas

Is it possible to have a better setlist? We think not. Anyway, we’ll sure attend Kutxa Kultur Festival in the years to come: the spanish audience is incredible, and so are the pintxos and the bands. And that is the perfect recipe for amazing memories!


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