How Jack White rocked the SNL

So, Jack White replaced the country singer Morgan Wallen on Saturday Night Live last night and everyone is so glad he did!

A tribute to Van Halen and a warning for the future

Accompanied by his two outstanding sidekicks, Daru Jones – one of our personal fave drummers – and bassist Dominic John DavisJack White delivered a phenomal, mind-blowing performance, playing Ball and Biscuit and Lazaretto… on a blue Eddie Van Halen model guitar. A touching gesture to remind us all about the recent loss of the genius guitarist. Eddie, we miss you so much.

Though he certainly has the talent to, Jack felt it wasn’t the time to cover Van Halen. Instead, Mr White chose to blow everyone’s minds with a reworked version of Ball and Biscuit. The song included the lyrics of his long-awaited duet with Beyoncé Don’t Hurt Yourself and Jesus is coming soon, by Blind Willie Nelson. This 1920 blues song talks about the spanish flu pandemic and bear a soaring reminder for us all :

The nobles said to the people, ‘You better close your public schools. ‘And until death passes ya by, you better close all your churches too. I done told ya, they done ya, God is comin’ soon. Great disease was mighty, people were sick everywhere/ It was an epidemic, and it traveled through the air.

Jack White deserves some pie

We won’t lie: watching live performances has been almost painful lately but our hearts literally burst with joy and excitement with this one. So we rushed to the kitchen and spent the afternoon baking a very special Third Man Records mirabelle pie, inspired by the label’s iconic logo and color scheme.

Third Man Records inspired mirabelle pie

With Jack White and his crew, last minute never sounded so good! Now tell us: on a scale from 1 to 10, how hard did you get mindblown by this Saturdar Night Live experience? 11? 12? A good 15? 🤩

Third Man Records inspired mirabelle pie detail

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