Franz Ferdinand Black Whisky Waffles

Franz Ferdinand Whisky Wafles

When I woke up tonight, I said I… wanna make some whisky waffles.The Gourgandines

A few days ago, Alex Kapranos, lead singer of the very Scottish band Franz Ferdinand said : “I’m not here to make waffles, I’m here to work”. Fair enough Alex, just keep being scottilisciously awesome, we’ll handle the waffle part. Being The Gourgandines, we just couldn’t make some ordinary waffles. Amazingness -and humility- being a huge part of our DNA, we came up with this brilliant recipe, no less than an hommage to the Land of the Brave : Franz Ferdinand Black Whisky Waffles.

So… waffles. Here we go !

Franz Ferdinand Black Whisky Waffles

Inspired by… guess who ?

Franz Ferdinand Whisky Wafles


(for eight generous waffles)

250g flour

100g soft butter

100g pearl sugar

1/2 glass of lukewarm milk

15g baker’s yeast

1 egg

4g salt

5cl Beer

(or, even better, whisky flavored beer :

Adelscott, for example, which is… made in France. Sorry, not responsible for this 😐)

3 tbsp Scotch Whisky

Vanilla powder

and for the color :  Healthy option : 1 large spoon of activated charcoal and 1 tbsp of black food coloring for more intensity ; Ozzy Osbourne option : a whole tube of black food coloring gel. Welcome, black tongue from hell !☠ Yes, people lie : you know what, you can’t have bright rich color with “a hint” of food coloring.

  • Sprinkle the baker’s yeast
  • Make a well in the center of the flour, add the baker’s yeast, the milk and mix
  • Add the egg and vanilla
  • Stir in half of the flour gently, then add salt, beer and whisky, you drunkard, and keep mixing. (Never put the salt in touch with the baker’s yeast or your family will be cursed for 3 generations)
  • Add the food coloring and activated charcoal
  • Mix until the d’oh dough is smooth and plumb, then cover with a cloth
  • Let the dough rise for about 30 minutes in a warm place until it doubles in volume
  • Break the dough and put it in your kitchen aid with the pearl sugar. Mix gently : the pearl sugar mustn’t dissolve.
  • Oil the waffle iron
  • Cook on medium-high heat for around 3 minutes.
  • Eat one.

Feeling greedy ? Why not adding to this wonderful waffles a topping ? We highly recommend this :

Extra-creamy whisky caramel sauce

(Optional but so very mandatory)

Franz Ferdinand Whisky Wafles


100g sugar

100g butter

1 large spoon of vanilla extract

200g liquid full cream

Whisky to your taste

  • Heat the sugar in a saucepan on medium heat. DO NOT stir or mix until it has reached a golden light amber color. Do as you’re told, for once ! 😉
  • In another saucepan, heat the cream, the butter, the vanilla and the whisky.
  • Add the whisky-flavored cream to the caramel and mix gently. Allow it to cool down.
  • Pour the sauce on the remaingin waffles.
  • You probably already ate a few ones by then, it’s OK.
  • Eat (another) one with the sauce.

When I woke up tonight, I said I… wanna make some tasty waffles. Yes, I want some whisky waffles, and now I know, now I know that they’re good : you’re luck, lucky you’re so lucky ! – The Gourgandines


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