Cupcakes for Miles Kane : the next big hit !

Hey there, fellow cupcakes addicts.

We already told you about Miles Kane dashing stage outfits brand new Album. Now, it’s time to get back in the kitchen and pay tribute to Miles’ stage outfits irresistible french mispronounciation of “Coup de Grace” : a final blow turning into a “Coup de Gras” (= “Stroke of Fat”), that’s a thing a Gourgandine simply cannot resist ! šŸ¤£ Cake it is then ! And with the LP’s stunning artwork, we didn’t had to think much about the design : we had to recreate it’s vibrant colors with an explosion of tastes and make star-shaped cupcakes for the funky vibes. On the menu : passionfruits, ginger, raspberries, and lots of chocolate.

Enjoy !


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