Be crispy with these Miles Kane Treat

Satan knows we’d love to fully embrace Autumn and put on our witch hats, but it’s hard to let go when it’s 20°outside! 🙀 So, why not “Blame It On The Summertime”, just like Miles Kane does in his own crispy way? You know our love for this great artist, and our frustation to see him so underrated yet.

We couldn’t possibly listen to this man’s latest banger and awesome Crispy Tunes playlist without giving it our special treatment… Here’s our take on crispy-ness with these delicious grilled cheese trompe l’oeil snacks! We made an exquisite homemade rhum brioche, fried it on a pan with a bit of butter. Then, filled it with homemade salted butter caramel and fresh mango. Et voilà! Even better served with apple chips for extra crispy-ness.

Miles Kane Crispy sandwich and apple chips

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