Climax, a festival that wears its name well

So we went to the Climax Festival yesterday. And now, nothing we’ll never be the same. What’s Climax Festival anyway ? Imagine a group of french bearded hipsters getting passionate about shoe recycling, climate bipolarity and vegan recipes. Sexy ? Nope. Add Pete Doherty singing You’re My Waterloo on a peaceful September Night. Warmer ? Yes. Add Alex Kapranos in shiny golden pants and teenage blazer, dancing like a demon in front of a burning sunset. Hotter ? Definitely. 

Peter Doherty, messy but oh so classy

You already know about our passion for Pete.

One thing’s for sure, the guy knows how to surprise his audience – when he shows up (Bad, bad Gourgandines, baaad ! :P). That night, he didn’t disappoint : we had the privilege of witnessing the fusion of Peter’s iconic style and hip-hop. We mean there was a real rapper on stage, mostly improvising and trying to… create something ? Don’t get us wrong, we like hip-hop. But this time, it didn’t really work. A few songs in, we felt like even he was wondering what he was doing on stage.

Peter was accompanied by great musicians, the PutaMadres. We never say how much we like a violin in a rock show. More violins, please ! Also, great addition to the band : Jack Jones, from Trampolene, did a great job, considering Peter can be hard to follow,  sometimes switching from one song to another after a few times. Hey ! We got almost 10 seconds of Albion !

Anyway, we were seduced by the set, mixing Libertines classics and songs from his two solo albums. Our favorite moments ? You’re my Waterloo by the moonlight and Fuck Forever as finale.

The night Theo Lawrence stole our hearts

We always prepare ourself for the worse when going to festivals, as beer abundance is a good way to make people endure boring sets under the sun. This time we didn’t get bored, not for a minute. Instead, we made a great discovery  : Theo Lawrence & The Hearts, a terrific young band. Imagine a 20 year old guy sounding like a young Tom Waits, and even Elvis himself. Imagine powerful bluesy riffs, nashville-like folk music, deliciously 60’s and yet exquisitely modern. 

See ? Told you. 🙂

The Kooks moved in their own way

Many british people came to this gig, which is a good indicator for this band popularity. More than ten years after they broke into the scene with their debut album Inside In, Inside Out, the Kooks still have a devoted fanbase and we understood why. 

To be perfectly honest, we’ve never really been into this band but we had a great time singing along to their hits. They were in great spirits and, gosh, they sure know how to move. 

Franz Ferdinand burnt the city

Franz Ferdinand is one of our key bands. We’ve been listening to them since their 1st single (no, it was not Take Me Out but Darts Of Pleasure) got us intoxicated. Also, it was our very first Franz Ferdinand gig together, and definitely a night to remember.

We were sad to hear about Nick’s departure from the band and hadn’t seen them on stage for years, so we didn’t really know what to expect.

Oh boy. The right expression here would be “Taking a huge slap in the face”. Alex Kapranos, wearing satin pants as shiny as his brand new blonde locks, was on top vocal form. The audience went totally frantic in 45 seconds. They played all their hits and a few songs from their upcoming album. Boy, did they sound good !

The new musicians, Dino Bardot on guitar and Julian Corrie – aka Miaoux Miaoux – on synths and guitar, did a terrific job. Because why play with only two guitars when you can smash Michael with three ? It was really sweet seeing Alex encouraging them and pushing them to make a stand, and come closer to the edge of the scene. Always great to see band with such sense of unity. 

Basically ? Franz Ferdinand : 1000. The Gourgandines : 0. 

Only drawback for this Festival ? They had run out of vegan tacos ! So we ended up sobbing and wandering, begging for more Franz and desperately hungry, ready to eat literally anything, like gluten-free chickpeas tortillas…



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