Would you dare to eat bats for dessert like Ozzy?

38 years ago, something quite unusual happened in the good city of Des Moines. Ozzy Osbourne ate a bat and one of the more memorable rock stories was born!

Why did Ozzy eat a bat anyway?

Thousands of terrified parents weren’t particurlarly keen on that Prince of Darkness nonsense. Black Sabbath‘s music was terribly loud and gloomy for those times, and it only talked about death, sins and rock n’roll. With the rise of heavy metal as a new genre, the Earth was clearly on the verge of some satanic apocalypse. Ozzy himself was so notoriously crazy and f***ed up, that the band decided to get rid of him eventually. That day of January, 1982, he was on the stage on his own, for the promotion of his second solo album, the unforgettable Diary of a Madman.

Since Ozzy was known for biting the head of two doves during an executive meeting, fans were quite used to tossing animals on stage, as a joke. That means, fake animals. Until that night, where Ozzy picked up what he thought was a rubber bat and bit its head off. It wasn’t rubber.

Ozzy spend the next week getting rabies shots. Rock n’Roll never really recovered from such a juicy anecdote.

In 2019, the Black Sabbath singer decided to celebrate the event by releasing the cutest plush bat ever. With a removable head, of course. Today, we celebrate the event alongside Ozzy’s new album Ordinary man – you can check out our review here – with the cutest bat cake ever!

Ozzy Osbourne Ordinary Bats Truffles with vinyl

We made delicious chocolate truffles, coated with even more chocolate and decorated… with chocolate eyes, teeth and wings. Surprise, the nasty little things contain a very special raspberry heart, that will make you shiver with joy! Recreate the infamous Des Moines Scandal by following our recipe and biting your own bat’s head off!

And may Rock n’Roll prosper forever. And Ozzy too, my friends, Ozzy too!

Chocolate bats for Ozzy Osbourne

Cooking time



Delicious little chocolate bats with raspberry hearts.


  • For 8 big truffles
  • 250g dark chocolate

  • 100g butter

  • 100g powder sugar

  • 1 tsp amaretto

  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

  • Frozen raspberries

  • For the decorations
  • 250g dark chocolate

  • 100g white chocolate


  • Put on your devil horns and your cape.
  • Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie. When melted, add the butter piece by piece and whisk.
  • Add the powder sugar, amaretto and vanilla. Whisk until really smooth and allow to cool down in the fridge for about an hour – or less.
  • Roll the chocolate into 3cm balls. Oh, don’t forget to place one or two raspberries in the middle of the truffle! Place these gorgeous truffles into your fridge.
  • You’re now ready to create some beautiful deadly decoration. Heat the chocolate at 50°C in a bain-marie, cool it down. When it’s about 27°C, heat it up again to 31°C. Place it in a piping bag/paper cone and draw your wings of death on some baking parchment.
  • Melt the white chocolate and, with a piping bag/paper cone, make small balls for the eyeballs on baking parchment. Before it gets too cold, add some dark chocolate to complete the eyes. With a toothpick, use the white chocolate to add pointy teeth to your bats.
  • Repeat the heating operation and dip the truffles into the chocolate. Allow to cool down. When the chocolate is cold, dig little mouths into your truffles with a pointy knife.
  • Time to glue the wings to your bats with some melted chocolate! Don’t hesitate to carve your truffles to insert the wings more easily. That part could be really tricky, as the wings can break, so breathe in, breathe out… and may the gods of Heavy Metal be with you.
  • You’ve done it! Ozzy would be so proud! Now, bite those bats, son of Satan!


  • You will need a cooking thermometer for this recipe

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