How to bake a perfect Black Forest Match for Rammstein

For the ones lucky enough to catch our demented stories on Instagram, you may have noticed we have a thing for Rammstein. In fact, one of us is so hooked on their music, she may have, in her youth, composed a whole song about them and played it again and again with her former rockband (the masterpiece involved eating sauerkraut on bodies, a very bad german accent and…castanets).

Anyway. Who doesn’t know Rammstein? Who doesn’t like Rammstein, their unique sound, their flamming performances, the twisted poetry of their lyrics and last but certainly not least, Till Lindemann’s profound voice and uncanny mind? You guessed right, we had our Rammstein cake coming for a long, long time. And we were prepared to boldly bake what no man has baked before, whatever their artwork would be.

Well, we weren’t disappointed at all. First time we saw that minimalist cover, we couldn’t help laughing sardonically, Dr Evil style. That artwork was absolute perfection for our pyrobaking scheme! Are you ready for some serious fire in the kitchen? Here it is : a Black Forest cake, dark, sultry chocolate, kirch whipped cream, and a indecently fresh cherry insert, topped with meringue… in the shape of a burning match! Needless to say, we are very proud of this new Gourgandines Baby.

Do you love it? Do you adore it? Light our fire in the comments! Let it all burn…


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