Rammstein alert: the new album is out!

As we’ve managed to save our kitchen from the flames, let’s talk about our latest inspiration… Rammstein‘s long awaited metal baby! 🔥

The fiery band has been silent for a decade and, as frustrating as it can be, we prefer when bands come out from their hiding only when they actually have something to say… That’s the case with this eh… untitled new album, which explores a lot of new directions for the German juggernaut, while keeping the Rammstein vibe intact.

Achtung! Achtung!

As always, the band chose subversive topics : German History -the glorious Deutschland-, prostitution -Puppe and its raw chorus- censorship in a splitted Germany -the earwormy Radio- and was immediately vilified by a cohort of people prone to easily and hastily judge Rammstein martial riffs and Lindemann’s devilish voice without making any effort to step back and cease the irony. Anyway. On a strictly musical level, many have accused Rammstein of going soft, or too “pop”. We think they evolved in a good way, letting electro sounds and Flake’s keyboard mastery go strong.

Surprisingly, this LP feels more like a studio album than anything they’ve done before. The writing, profound lyrics, dark poetry and excellent crafting are its major strenghts. And yet, we know all the songs will take a whole new level live, which is pretty obvious for bangers like Tattoo, Sex (Haifisch little bro 🖤) or Zeig Dich. 

Rammstein vinyl and artwork

The ballad Diamant is also superb and reminds us Rammstein amazing ability to skip through different genres. The UFO is definitely Aüslander with its strange 90’s dance revival… Still don’t know what to think about this one 🤣 (EDIT: It’s been a month and now WE LOVES IT, MY PRESSSIOUS!!!)

Our fav songs so far : Sex, Puppe, Zeig Dich, Diamant, and Radio.

Now tell us your thoughts about this album : did you like it ?


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