Peter Doherty and The Puta Madres : our Review

We finally gave a listen to Peter Doherty’s first LP with the Puta Madres, after days of coward hesitation. We hate to admit it, but Pete’s work can be unpredictable and we always fear the eager anticipation might turn into some kind of disappointment, even though it’s rarely been the case.

Actually, this record is a nice surprise! It offers a great alternance between melancholic ballads – Peter’s undeniable strenght – and jumpy, fuzzy tunes that’ll make you nod your heads. As always with him, tender words go hand in hand with poignant stories, and there’s definitely a “Anthems for Doomed Youth” je-ne-sais-quoi about it.

Nice surprise : the violin parts bring the songs to a whole new level (The horrid harmonica…. not so much 🤣). Another great surprise : Jack Jones, from Trampolene, is a great addition to the band, from the guitar parts to his beautiful vocals on “Paradise is under your Nose”. The LP was recorded live and sometimes sounds a bit messy but it remains very coherent as a whole. We absolutely adore the daunting boheme vibe with cowboyish touches (extra appreciation for “The Steam” 🖤).

For those of you still hesitating, give this album a go, it’s a keeper. For those who aren’t, please do satisfy our curiousity : what are your thoughts about it ?


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